BUFFET MENU @ $580 (FOR 100 PAX)

Food Poisoning Insurance $88.
Food poisoning insurance certificate will be issued.
This insurance will be valid for 1 week only from the function date.


Sup Tulang Merah Rempah Briyani
Roti Perancis / French Loaf x 25
Mee Goreng
Bubur Kacang Durian
Kuih Nagasari Jagung
Fruit Cake
Epok Epok
Gendang Kasturi
Teh Tarik
Cordial Drink


Buffet Tables & Skirtings
Buffet Trays, Warmes & Waxes
Disposable Cutleries, Crockeries & Plastic Cups
Serviettes & Trash Bags
Buffet Set Up & Delivery

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