Company Profile

Masakan Shaik Sabri is the sister company of Masakan Shaik Firdaus and is already established for over 20 years. We guarantee that our service will not be compromised in terms of quality and fine dining. Our specialty is none other than the briyani rice which has its own exclusive taste to whet your appetite. Using only the best quality Royal Long Fragrant Basmati Rice and Lal Qilla, served to the emperors of Pakistan and India, it definitely makes you come back for more.

We are proud of our innovative concoction of the otherwise ordinary taste - thanks to the expertise of our Executive Chefs. We are pleased to introduce our new concoction of Multi flavoured Satay, the one and only in Singapore, namely, Tandoori, Black Pepper, Rendang, Tom Yam and the Traditional. At the same time, we have also created a special blend of the Homemade Chicken Tandoori Spring Roll.

Our Nasi Lemak Paradise range includes the spectacularly sensational Sky Blue Nasi Lemak- the first of its kind in Singapore, apart from the Rose, Pandan and Traditional Nasi Lemak. In addition, our famous homemade tea tarik, termed as the best in Singapore, JB and some say, maybe the world, makes anyone craving for more.

We also cater a spectacular, mouth-watering & exquisite blend of both East & West. Customers can savour the fine dishes from the Orient, Asia, Europe & the Mediterranean. Our International Cuisine, for instance, promises to tantalize the taste buds of all. These include dishes such as Thai Pineapple Rice, Taj Mahal Mutton Korma, Sichuan Sweet and Spicy Beef in Oyster Sauce, Peranakan Fragrant Fried Laksa and Cheesy Mexican Sliced Fish with Baked Beans, amongst others. Our more popular dishes also include Fujian Fried Seafood Bee Hoon, Fried Rice, Tandoori Chicken, Nasi Lemak and Indonesian Nasi Padang.

Our buffet range from $7 to $15 per pax, and our Hi-Tea is as low as $5 with 13 varieties. We can also design a buffet that suits your needs and cravings, your whims and fancies, thanks to our Catering Planner. In addition, we, unlike many, present you with complimentary items such as the multi flavoured satay, sushi and fresh cream cake, to go along the buffet spread. We celebrate with you.

Our cuisine was served during the Interfaith Reception Dinner that was held on the 2nd Jan 2007, graced by the Guest of Honor, Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

We have served a huge spectrum of customers and clients. We are the official caterer of Ba Alwie Mosque and many others such as As Syafaah Mosque, Al Falah Mosque, Al Iman Mosque and En Naeem Mosque. We also cater for Muslim prayer functions, packing for up to a total of 10,000 packets of briyani rice for guests at the Singapore Expo. We prepare a total of 20 pots of porridge per day during our yearly fasting month period too for Mosques and Community Centres.

Our other ministerial and semi-ministerial regular clients include PAP Bedok Branch, hosting National Day Dinners and other PAP functions, graced by Minister S Jayakumar, PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Admiralty.